Getting Started

Our objective is to make Cerebro available to the entire world. With your help, we can achieve this goal. You can translate as much, or as little, of Cerebro as you like. There is no minimum commitment.

How Do I Start?

Translating Cerebro is easy. If you want to simply suggest some translation, search for the string, and provide your alternative. You can also report a problem with some English string or translation once you've found it.

Product Names and Trademarks

Do not translate trademarks held by Cerebro or other companies and organizations. Examples include: Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, Windows, Apple, Mac OS, iPhone, and numerous others. Be sure to observe all trademark usage requirements, which can usually be found on company websites.

Placeholders and Tags

Our software clients and website are built using different programming languages. Each language has its own placeholder formats used to substitute real values into messages. These placeholders must be preserved unless otherwise indicated. The same applies to HTML tags, which can be found in some strings. When you translate strings in our applications, we give hints about placeholders. Below are some examples of placeholder strings in different clients:

  1. Windows, Windows Mobile, iPhone: %s, %d, %i, %u, %%
  2. Mac: {0}, {1}, ..., @{0}, @{parameterName}
  3. iPhone: %1$i, nf#, s#, u#

  4. Got Questions?

    Contact us if you want to suggest a new language or have any questions